""Pow!" Lyle takes a ball in the chest, receiving his tattoo! I was trying really hard not to laugh! I almost felt bad about it, but it was Alex's weak second serve sliding into my forehand that forced me to pick the first aggressive shot that seemed feasible. I hit the return across my body (Anatomical), directly at Lyle at the net (Prepositional), left my eyes down at contact (Optical), and hit it as hard as I could.

I had hit a few returns inside-out, crosscourt to Alex's forehand and he had (somehow) hit any target he wanted past my partner (a talented yet inexperienced high school player) and we were struggling to break Alex's serve... ...When hitting a target inside-out with my forehand, on the ad side, I find that I can't hit the ball as hard as if I simply swing across my body and hit it right at the net player. Unfortunately for Lyle, he was that net player. And he was not happy! Now that I think about it, it is impressive that Lyle and I are still friends.

I tell this story to introduce one of the most interesting teaching concepts that I have ever experienced..."

—Shaun J Boyce, How Not To Play Tennis
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